William McIntyre, Lawyer and Novelist

April 04, 2022  •  Leave a Comment
Hi there I haven't posted any pictures in a while so I will start getting into the backlog. I photographed the lawyer and novelist William McIntyre, whose latest book "Best Defence" tells the story of a footballer's wife who is charged with murder. It is the latest in his series of books featuring the character Robbie Munro. In this latest novel, William features his self-declared number one fan Russell MacGillivray. Russell appears as a detective sergeant and I photographed the two together at Falkirk Sheriff Court.
An interesting bit that William told me about the book is he was concerned about the timing of its release due to the plans to scrap the "Not Proven" verdict. The consultation dedicated to the verdict closed last month.

Lawyer and Novelist with his number 1 fanLawyer and novelist William McIntyre (L) with his number one fan Russell MacGillivray. Russell will be featured in William's new book


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